Sign up Log in is a site for individuals who want to connect with the rest of klal yisroel in projects related to our 3 life pillars, Torah, Avoda and Gemilas Chasoodim.

This site offers people the ability to easily start, grow and manage their own Torah/Avoda/Chessed campaigns or to instantly join other existing ones.

In all times, good or r"l not so good, we want to collect zchusim for ourselves or for others that we know who need them for particular reasons. Doing so together with the klal magnifies these zchusim many times over.

This site is of course free for all to use.

Let us join together, with unity, in accumulating many zchusim so that we may see salvation and success in our individual lives, as well as the greater community of klal yisrael, Amein!