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What is a Cycle Siyum?

The Cycle Siyum takes the traditional siyum and makes it more interesting and meaningful. It also provides clear start and end dates so you don't end up in a commitment without enough participants or which is open ended without a defined end date.

How does it work?

Let's use the 30 day Tehillim Cycle Siyum as an example of how it works.


Up to 30 people are recruited to join a list of willing participants. During this step the campaign is still pending and NOBODY on the list is yet committed. This is a All or None siyum! It only goes live if and when enough participants join.


When the 30th participant joins, all members of the list receive a notification that the campaign goal has been met and it is going live. Each campaign begins the day after the list is completed.


Each campaign member is sent an email with their first day's portion that they should complete. The first day's portions are allocated by the order in which members joined the commitment list.


After the first day, on each following day, member's are allocated the next portion in the series. For example if a member receives chapters 1-3 on day 1, they would receive chapters 4-6 on day 2 and chapters 7-9 on day 3, etc... This continues for 30 days. After 30 days the campaign is concluded.

With a Cycle Siyum, all the zchusim are doubled! Not only is the group completing Tehillim each day for 30 days but by the end of the cycle all 30 members have also completed Tehillim individually. This personal siyum is also more satisfying to each participant than them randomly choosing chapters or being assigned specific chapters to repeat every day.